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Loveleigh was founded in 2019 by Mackenzie Kern at the age of 19. The goal of creating this online brand was to connect her state, Wyoming, to high fashion and trendy pieces. Not only that, but the brand concept stems from the desire to connect like minded women to each other, worldwide. While the clothing is the main attraction, another beautiful part of Loveleigh is the blog. Mackenzie has always been passionate about sharing what is on her heart in order to help others. Through real life trial comes great lessons & sharing those is what brings her closer to her life purpose. It is the companies mission to blend a unique balance of all the things Mackenzie is passionate about into one entity, Loveleigh. She is a strong believer that passion fuels purpose & from that, the store was born. Originally, the store was supposed to be named stardust boutique, but through a lot of prayer, a play on words & a little dreaming, the concept of blending her middle name into a beautiful word won everyones heart. While creating outfits and finding items that will make other women feel beautiful and confident is her main priority, the connection to the people that support her and the mission she has in life is what keeps her going everyday. We are so grateful to have built something from nothing and hope to see it transform into something even more magical as time goes on.