In life there’s going to be moments where no one can see the vision but you. Having the courage to chase the things that give you butterflies is such a powerful thing. When you finally get going on the path that was paved for you, you're going to realize a lot of people can't see where you’re going, & it’s ok because it’s not for them. So if someone doesn’t see what you see, just know that the only person that needs to is you. If you can visualize the things you want in your mind, that's the first step in making them your reality.

When you finally make the choice to go after something big, there will naturally be fear but you have to persist. It is really easy to silently go after your dreams, which is okay, but don't suppress the things that make you unique & fuel your passion for life. CUT. THAT. OUT. As girls, it needs to be normalized to talk about big goals without being perceived as conceited or egotistical. It is so inspiring to me when I can see someone's eyes light up when they talk about the dreams they have in their heart. How can you listen to someone speak about something that sets their soul on fire & not want to encourage them? I think it’s the most beautiful thing & I strive to be a person that makes other people feel comfortable talking about their biggest goals in life.

side note: if your goals don't scare you, think bigger ♡

I have the most vivid memory of my friend (@emilylaurene_), we were at dinner after a long day of modeling with Jovani & eating Chick-Fil-A when she just blurted out “I want to be a VS Pink model so bad.” I remember being okay so I’m not crazy… other girls do think like this. We were able to talk so openly about our dreams & goals at that dinner & it was so refreshing because there was no judgment, just genuine support. A quote that resonates well with what I’m trying to say is “sit with winners, the conversation will be different.” When you finally find your niche, you’ll lose people only to gain the ones that fit the new puzzle you’re putting together.

I have a vision board for everything in my life, I have one for the boutique, for school, for mental health, & for Miss USA. Before Miss Wyoming Teen USA I had my door covered from top to bottom in sticky notes of why I am deserving & worthy of winning, I also did it because if I came back home to that door with no crown & sash, I still would’ve been reminded of what I am made of. I have lost my sense of worth & value based on other people's opinions & I will never allow anyone to have that power over me again.

If you have the time, making a vision board is something that can be very beneficial. Having a constant reminder of your dreams helps you envision it. Even on those days when you feel off, it’s nice to have something to look at because it makes you want to fight for the girl you know you’re capable of being. Once you have that strong vision going on in your head… girl you got it. No one can take away the power of a sturdy mindset, that’s yours to keep baby.

While we are on the topic of pageantry, I was working with a former Miss USA & I remember her saying “you have to be just as prepared to lose as you are to win.” I remember being like yeah umm you’re insane I need to have a winning mindset & now that I’m older & have been through more of life's experiences, it makes so much more sense. In life, you have to have a sense of purpose to feel motivated, but even when you are working towards goals, you are going to fail & it’s inevitable. Those failures are the building blocks for a major comeback. You can’t be afraid to fail, that automatically sets your mind up to protect yourself & not go all in. When you don’t fear the possibility of losing, you can step into success with no restrictions. Girl, if you are going to go after something, you better go hard.

You don’t have to be loud when chasing your dreams, I personally have so many tiny victories, all of us do. Some of them would be silly to share because other people wouldn’t even know the value of them. So even though it’s important to be open about your goals & speak them into existence, it’s perfectly okay to win in silence.


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