So many people let fear hold them back from things. I truly from the bottom of my heart believe that every single person is put on this earth with a purpose & a dream. It's up to you to tap into that vision & find out what motivates you & figure out how you can actively pursue that vision. Not everyone has the mindset, those that do are blessed, but just because you weren’t given certain traits, doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to develop them. I think that once you find the thing that you love, you’ll notice how it gives you the ability to help others. Passion will always fuel purpose, & behind everyone's purpose is a way they can better the world.

You can’t let the fear of having people talk poorly of you, hearing the things people say behind your back to others, the fake support, & the people wishing for your downfall get to you. I am learning that the road to your dreams is lonely, it can be heartbreaking watching people switch upon you in ways you never could imagine, but you can’t let that deter you. Protect your energy & let them go, you don’t need anyone to support you anyways. It’s nice to feel validated as you embark on a journey that can be very difficult, but you don't need that.

We all can do amazing things, but no one is going to do this for you. You have to be your advocate, you don't need people to accept you & you don’t have to strive for perfection. I have messed up so many times as a business owner, & that’s because I am human, duh. Like you can’t expect the process to be easy, so get over it & start doing something about it rather than dwelling on the fact that nothing is going your way.

Life usually gets the hardest right before a miracle happens, so giving up should never be an option babe. You might have to renavigate but we aren't giving up on that dream over here. Also, don’t let anyone come between you and your goals, energy drainers are real, cut them off. This is a little bit harsher than my normal blog posts but it's true & if you’re reading this, I hope it's the realization you need to come to.

You have full control over your life, so letting the opinions of others dictate that ain’t it. Step into your purpose & you’ll fall so in love with the high of being authentic & doing what you are meant to do, the positivity will flow in. Release the heartache, & all the things are thrown at you to misdirect you & step up to the level you know you’re worthy of being at. People don’t deserve the right to take you off course. You don’t have to broadcast your moves, but you better stay making them.

If I cared what people thought I wouldn't be anything. I never craved the support of my peers, honestly, the people that wish for my downfall don’t know how much drive they give me to be even better. We all have our obstacles, so learn how to jump. & remember, you don't need anyone that doesn't need you. ♥


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