As someone that is constantly finding new things that inspire me, I have felt my fair share of doubt. The thing is though, you cannot let that be what you listen to if you are going to achieve your dreams. I think having dreams that scare you is a good reminder that you are aligning with your path, nothing worth having is easy. Between my two businesses, I am constantly learning new things that make everything I am doing better. I think something important to feeling adequate, is doing something that challenges you to grow every day. If you are constantly reaching, I think that is right where you are supposed to be. After opening up the stage for some of you, a big topic was anxiety. This year I have pushed to release my desire to control my surroundings and focus on my quality of life. Sometimes to avoid the feeling of distress, I challenge myself to think differently. For example, if an opportunity does not go through, instead of beating myself up in my head about it, I just remember that it was not mine for a reason. When you shift from a lens of lack to a lens of contentment, the world around you becomes more manageable. The things that go wrong stop piling up and you start sorting through them because you are learning to not let them have control over you. This year for me has been the biggest whirlwind. After what I went through in 2021 and 2022, I needed the world to just carry me for a year so I could meet myself again organically throughout my everyday life. I needed to learn to let life get slow, I wanted to force myself to spend time with me so I could grow from where I was at. This past winter even, I remember getting uncomfortable & that urge to get busy again naturally came back to me, so I followed it. I had originally even taken a step back from the boutique because I wanted to listen to my heart and figure out what is going to bring fulfillment, but of course, I came back to the brand. I am always learning, and now with my recent commitment to becoming Miss Wyoming, my priorities are once again going to look different than people my age. This is a life I have chosen though, because chaos for me in a way has always felt peaceful. I know that everyone's needs are different in life, and what brings peace to one may not bring peace to another, but I do believe that everyone has a unique routine for them that will elevate them. Your peace could look different than mine, but I hope that you find what it is. Anxiety is something you have when you have doubt and a lack of belief in yourself, so when you feel it, you have to counteract it. So many people try to run from things that bring discomfort, but when you decide to face it head on you will quickly realize that to get past it, you have to walk through it. I have been doing energy coding to tap into memory fields and work through my subconscious anxiety. I thought it was crazy when a friend referred me to this option, especially since I was not resonating with a therapist. I wanted to actively be doing something to heal, so I gave it a try. I was so hesitant, but my friend purchased a session for me because she wanted me to go so badly. This is the one thing I have felt most connected to as an option to heal from past traumas that cause me anxiety. Everything is connected, so in my opinion, going back and dealing with it even if it is unconventionally was the best option for me. I have been consistently going and genuinely feel like I no longer carry the worry and stress I used to feel obligated to carry. I feel like I could do a whole story time on my experience with this therapy method because it is always insane. My encouragement to you if you are reading this today, is to hone in on the things that give you butterflies. Your biggest goals… think about them as if you are already living in the reality of what it would look like as your dreams come true. If you are a girl with big goals, you have to think bigger. Once you realize how easy it is to chase your passions, you will realize quickly how abundance flows to you with ease. Everything requires alignment, so focus on the things that help you create that "peace" you are longing for... because it will never be easy, but it will be worth it.





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