It’s never too late to start over. We live in a world that only validates fast and massive success. It is almost like we as a society have given up on the acknowledgment of small victories. I have a mind that is always thinking ahead, pushing to find the next big thing, and thinking of ways I can lead a life of true impact. I think that because I had these ideas so young and took action on many of my goals, I have this odd feeling that I haven't even accomplished anything that feels fulfilling.

With that being said though, I still consider myself to be successful and have hopes of being even more successful in the future. Girls in their twenties experience so many microchapters that define who they are as women. These years are when we develop skills to help us persevere and also grow as an adult, and it is not easy. So if you are reading this today and maybe have a few of the same thoughts, then I encourage you to keep reading. I don't think now is the time that we are supposed to be extremely elevated in any career, if anything, we are just deciding what we each want to do with our lives individually.

You have to give yourself grace as a young girl in today's society, it feels like a race, but I promise it isn’t. As someone that has met influencers and knows many other people with a celebrity image, social media can enhance false narratives, and in reality, no one lives the exact life they talk about socially. I think we live in a world now where digital media and exposure are at our fingertips, and I truly do think our generation is full of many people that aren't willing to work a 9-5 or work in Corporate America, and I am one of those girls. It can be so discouraging when you have a vision but don't have the tools to create it in reality. I am telling you though, it all starts within.

You have to reassess your life, and your friends, and learn boundaries. I have recently hit a point in life where I don't tolerate anyone making me uncomfortable if they are someone I consider close to me. These years are supposed to be preparing us to evolve into the highest version of ourselves. When you start questioning people's intentions, that is when you will know change is coming. You won’t even be able to communicate with people that are not on your wavelength. As sad as it is and as hard as it is, I will be the first to tell you that cutting off dead ends is worth it. Even if you have to walk the path alone for a while until you find your people, it is worth it. Anything you do that pushes you closer to achieving your dreams is worth it, even if people don't respect you anymore. You don't need them because they wouldn't have clapped when you won anyways.

I have also learned that the most amazing people in your life come unexpectedly. God will replace what you cut off tenfold. This is something I tell myself often, if I am in a situation where someone does something bad to me or if I spend money on something I shouldn't, I just set the intention that it will return to me tenfold. You have to reoperate your thinking system to truly get you closer to being the woman you need to be to go out and conquer the career of your choice. You also need to realize that you can't compare your journey to anyone else, it is your life, and your mentality can help you have full control over it. If you have a victim mentality, then things will continue to happen to you that make you feel like a victim. When your mind is strong, focused, positive, and dedicated - there is nothing out there for you to go out and get except for success. As cliche as it is, you have to act the part to be the person you want to become.

So the next time something inconvenient happens and you feel a negative emotion, close your eyes, and find something positive to speak into existence, this is the best way to preserve your mindset. You are what you believe you are, and as we all step into this chapter as young adults, I want you to remember that. Talk to yourself nicely, and never allow anyone into your life that tarnishes the work you are trying to pour into yourself, they do not deserve to be in the next chapter with you.


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